UEFA Euro 2024 Tickets: Guide to Purchasing, Prices, and FAQs

Prepare for the excitement of EURO 2024 in Germany as top European teams vie for glory. This comprehensive guide provides essential information on UEFA Euro 2024 tickets purchase methods, prices, and frequently asked questions, ensuring you’re well-equipped to experience the pinnacle of international soccer.

UEFA Euro 2024 Tickets Purchase Overview:

Discover the various ways to acquire UEFA Euro 2024 tickets, including lottery details, registration periods, and official sales channels.

UEFA Euro 2024 Tickets Phases:

  • Phase 1 (Completed): Overview of the first UEFA Euro 2024 ticket phase, including the application period and lottery drawing.
  • Phase 2 (Upcoming): Details on the December 2, 2024, start date coinciding with the official draw, with sales through national federation portals.
  • Phase 3 (March-April 2024): Final UEFA Euro 2024 ticket phase, covering tickets for the last three nations qualifying through UEFA Nations League playoffs and general sale through UEFA.

Qualified Teams and Ticket Portals:

Explore the list of teams already qualified for UEFA Euro 2024, with links to their respective ticket portals and UEFA’s ticket link.

Club Ticket Portal Link
UEFA Ticket Portal
Germany Ticket Portal
Austria Ticket Portal
Belgium Ticket Portal
England Ticket Portal
France Ticket Portal
Portugal Ticket Portal
Scotland Ticket Portal
Spain Ticket Portal

Resale Options

  • Resale Window: UEFA’s dedicated UEFA Euro 2024 ticket resale window to contend with scalpers.
  • Consider StubHub as a viable choice for individuals open to exploring the secondary ticket market. Ensure you are familiar with the terms and conditions associated with purchases, and exercise caution by verifying that you are making transactions with reputable sellers rather than unauthorized sources.

FAQs for EURO 2024 Tickets:

Where can I purchase EURO 2024 tickets?

If you haven’t registered, try your luck in the second or third ticket phases through UEFA or national team federation portals. Official EURO 2024 tickets are available at uefa.com/euro2024/ticketing.

When will EURO 2024 tickets be available for purchase?

The first sales phase occurred in October 2024, and the application period has closed. Fans of qualified nations can expect future sales in December 2024 and from March to April 2024. UEFA and capable federations will oversee both phases, with exact details released closer to the on-sale date.

Can I buy an EURO 2024 pass for a national team?

A multi-game pass covering all team group stage fixtures may be available for fans of qualified nations. This pass ensures a seat at all three matches, and some federations might offer priority access for further releases as the team progresses. Visit the official ticket portal pages for qualified teams for more details.

How do I check EURO 2024 ticket availability?

As a top-rated event, EURO 2024 tickets will sell out quickly. Check individual match availability regularly on UEFA’s official ticket portal to stay informed and consider your options.

How can I buy affordable EURO 2024 tickets?

The most cost-effective option is purchasing tickets through the official UEFA portal and federation portals. Authorized retailers offer the lowest prices and secure purchases. StubHub may be an alternative for those open to the resale market; however, exercise caution and ensure transactions are from trusted sources.

Can I buy EURO 2024 hospitality tickets?

Certainly! You can purchase hospitality tickets for EURO 2024, providing fans with a luxurious experience. Hospitality packages, from private boxes to fine dining options, are available through UEFA’s official ticket portal or federation portals for qualified teams.

What other competitions do UEFA sell tickets for?

In addition to EURO 2024, UEFA sells tickets directly for various club competition finals, including the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Europa Conference League, UEFA Women’s Champions League, UEFA Nations League, and UEFA Women’s Nations League. UEFA handles general public sales.

Which teams are the favorites at EURO 2024?

With 24 teams competing in Germany, several nations are vying for the ultimate prize. Favorites include EURO 2020 finalists England and 20 Women’s Cup winners France. Despite not being top conteWomen’sholders Italy, hosts Germany, Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands are also frontrunners, aiming to add to their European history in June and July.

Ticket Availability and Smart Buying:

Learn when UEFA Euro 2024 tickets go on sale, where to purchase official passports, and tips on finding affordable options while avoiding potential risks.

Hospitality Tickets:

Discover the luxury of UEFA Euro 2024 hospitality tickets, offering fans sumptuous comfort and unforgettable experiences, available through official channels.

Qualification Update:

Team Qualified as Qualified on
Germany Host Sep, 27
Belgium Group F top two Oct, 13
France Group B winner Oct, 13
Portugal Group J winner Oct, 13
Spain Group A top two Oct, 15
Scotland Group A top two Oct, 15
Turkey Group D top two Oct, 15
Austria Group F top two Oct, 16
England Group C winner Oct, 17

Ticket Demand and Global Interest:

Discover the overwhelming interest in UEFA Euro 2024, with over 20 million ticket applications from 206 countries and insights into the top applicant nations.

First Wave of Tickets:

Explore the release of the initial UEFA Euro 2024 tickets, with details on the application process and the excitement surrounding the event.





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