Shubman Gill Falls Early: Starc Takes First Wicket in CWC23 Final

Shubman Gill’s dismissal for 4 runs off 7 balls sees Starc claiming the first wicket. An ordinary shot from Gill results in his departure. Starc secures the initial breakthrough, prompting a fan to predict a swift series of actions. Although Gill’s fall raises some concern, there’s ample time and no need to rush.

With high expectations from Gill, given his impressive history at Ahmedabad, disappointment sets in as he seeks the boundary and departs—his second instance in this World Cup. Despite a relatively unnoticed semi-final knock, it’s been a commendable World Cup for him. However, the anticipation for more from Gill remains unmet, evident in Rohit’s visibly frustrated expression at Gill’s hasty exit. Mitchell Starc once again proves his prowess, claiming Shubman Gill’s wicket. Adam Zampa takes the catch, and Gill’s departure marks India’s first wicket in the Cricket World Cup 2023 final. Gill’s eagerness today led to a straightforward catch for the fielder.





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