Google Maps Now Displays ‘Bharat’ with Indian Flag and Official Map in Searches

In a recent update, Google Maps has made a simple yet significant change, recognizing “Bharat” as a valid term alongside “India.” Now, users can search for either “India” or “Bharat” in the Google Maps search bar and get the same results, indicating a nod to India’s diverse linguistic heritage.

Various Google products, including Google Maps, Search, Translator, and News, now reflect the Indian government’s gradual shift towards using the term “Bharat” alongside “India” in official communications. Users can now use “Bharat” or “India” to obtain similar results on these platforms. This change comes after the Government of India used the term “President of Bharat” in an official communication and aligns with the constitutional recognition of both names for the country, as stated in Article 1 of the Indian Constitution.

While these changes have been observed, Google has not officially announced this modification. Nevertheless, users can now use “Bharat” or “India” to access information related to the country on various Google services, indicating a recognition of India’s linguistic diversity and cultural heritage.