Artemis 2: Crewed Test Flight of SLS and Orion Set for 2024

In 2024, Artemis 2 is planning a crewed test flight using the SLS and Orion spacecraft. Four astronauts will check things in orbit and then send Orion around the Moon before returning to Earth in late November 2024.

Artemis 2, also known as Artemis II, is a crucial part of NASA’s Artemis program. It’s the second mission and the first with people aboard the Orion spacecraft, set to launch in November 2024 using the powerful Space Launch System (SLS)

In this mission, four astronauts will fly past the Moon and come back to Earth. This is a big deal because it’s the first time astronauts will go beyond the Moon’s neighborhood since 1972’s Apollo 17 mission. The launch will also be the first with people from Kennedy Spce Center’s Launch Complex 39B since 2006’s STS-116 mission.

Originally called Exploration Mission-2 (EM-2), the mission had a different goal involving an asteroid, but its name and purpose changed when the Artemis program came into play.





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