A Paris Christmas Waltz – Synopsis, Cast & Release Date

In the enchanting holiday film, “A Paris Christmas Waltz,” we follow the journey of Emma, a determined woman who courageously enters a prestigious pro-am competition in Paris over Christmas week after a year of ballroom dancing lessons. Paired with Leo, a professional dancer she greatly admires, Emma finds herself caught in the magic of the City of Lights. However, complications arise when Leo’s former dance partner emerges as their competition, aiming to disrupt their harmony. Can Emma and Leo navigate the challenges with the help of their fantastic dance teacher, Henry?

Content Overview:
The movie, which stands out among Christmas romances, embraces a strong moral worldview, incorporating elements of romance and Christian values. The narrative revolves around the themes of answered prayer, God’s plan for our lives, and the significance of the Baby Jesus in Nativity displays. Notably, the climax features a mesmerizing dance number set to the backdrop of “O Holy Night.” The film maintains a family-friendly atmosphere, devoid of foul language, violence, or explicit content.

Director’s Touch:
Director Michael Damian infuses “A Paris Christmas Waltz” with vibrant dance numbers, complemented by Nathan Lanier’s lush score. The on-screen chemistry between Jen Lilley and Matthew Morrison, portraying Emma and Leo, adds a magical touch to their performances. The film also includes a captivating dance routine set to “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” with a lively street band. Damian’s adept storytelling brings a fresh and joyous perspective to the holiday romance genre.

Unique Features:
“A Paris Christmas Waltz” distinguishes itself with its delightful blend of Christmas cheer, captivating music, and splendid dance sequences. The film, a sequel to the popular 2020 Christmas romcom “The Christmas Waltz,” showcases the talents of Broadway veteran Matthew Morrison, returning to television in a leading role.

Cast and Characters:
The cast includes Matthew Morrison as Leo, a seasoned Waltz artist, and Jennifer Lilley as Emma, a novice Waltz dancer. The supporting cast features Paul Freeman as the charismatic dance teacher Henry, Jade Ewen as the competitive Giselle, and Stephanie Siadatan as Emma’s supportive friend Cece. Other notable characters include Georges, portrayed by Remus Stanescu, and Eduard Moca, a judge in the dance competition.

Following the success of “The Christmas Waltz,” audiences eagerly await the sequel, “A Paris Christmas Waltz.” Shot in the picturesque city of Paris, the film promises to captivate viewers with its heartwarming story, dazzling dance sequences, and the magical spirit of the holiday season. While the release date is yet to be announced, the film is anticipated to be a delightful addition to the Great American Family’s Christmas programming block, providing a joyous treat for families during the festive season.

A Paris Christmas Waltz makes its debut on Sunday, November 19, at 8 p.m. ET on the Great American Family network.





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